3D Dot Game Heroes

You lucky PS3 people will be getting a taste of this sumptuos retro styled delight courtesy of Japan’s FromSoftware and Silicon Studio’s. It touches down in Japan sometime in November.

Mimicking traditional 2D adventure style games but made with ‘voxelised pixels’ (which means it’s been 3Dified).

It’s basically Zelda, but Zelda which has been made entirely out of LEGO and that sounds pretty good to us.

To help you make your mind up rub your eyes across the video, which comes complete with poor English absolutely free.  We’re good to you.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. Heh, reminded me of the Shadow Mitsuo boss in Persona 4, who’s basically a giant pixellated version of an 8-bit hero from… Dragonquest? I think it was.

    Looks rather odd, but it might work.

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