Sims 3 expansion pack preview

Sims 3 expansion pack preview

Sims 3 fans hold on to your hats as we are going on a world adventure!  EA has announced that The Sims 3 expansion pack will be called “World Adventures” only less then 3 months after the original game was released!  the new Expansion pack will give players the opportunity to take their Sims to “famous real-world inspired destinations,” in countries like China, France and Egypt.  Your Sims will now no longer be held hostage in Riverview or Sunset Valley they can now jet off to places like Shang Simla (where is that?) or Egypt and the pyramids.

The expansion will feature new opportunities and skills, as well as the ability to meet foreign Sims and bring them back to Sunset (talk about multi country relationships.. or kidnapping?).  Gamers who purchase the expansion pack at launch will get 1000 SimPoints for use in the online store which can then be used to buy things like clothing, furniture or your trip overseas.

World Adventures will be released on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and will feature “customized mobile gameplay features”.   The mobile version will be arriving sometime 2010, with the PC version set to arrive November 16 2009.

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