Japanese Modern Warfare Complaints

Japanese Modern Warfare Complaints

When the Japanese version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was announced by Square-Enix, many people were excited at the idea of full Japanese dialogue. The promise of a smooth translation from the US original received a lot of interest from Japanese gamers.

Unfortunately gamers in Japan who purchased the game have been less than impressed. There have been a series of complaints regarding dialogue which is said to be generally poorly translated.

There has also been some complaints over the censorship of the sensationalised “No Russian” mission. Rather than remove the mission altogether, as with the Russian release of the game, players are presented with a level that can’t be skipped, where a single bullet fired at an innocent civilian results in a game over screen.

Currently Square-Enix have no plans to fix translation errors in the game, claiming a “technical limitation” in regards to updating the game with subtitles and adding English dialogue. The Japanese site My Game Flash has rounded up several of the complaints that Japanese players have made regarding the title.

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