It’s a WoW Thanksgiving

It’s a WoW Thanksgiving

For the first time ever, World of Warcraft players will be able to enjoy stuffing their faces in celebration of the Thanksgiving season.

In game, the Pilgrims Bounty celebration will take place between November 22nd and November 28th. Just outside all the major towns and cities, players will find a table where they will be able to sit, share and cram turkey into their avatar until they explode in a shower of polygons.

Each table will be surrounded by five chairs:

  • The Sweet Potato Chair
  • The Turkey Chair
  • The Stuffing Chair
  • The Cranberry Chair
  • The Pie Chair

The player sat at each chair will be responsible for sharing his/her share of their food stash. In the spirit of sharing, eating five portions of everything will result in a 10% reputation boost lasting an hour.

There will also be 5 recipes introduced that will be able to boost players with a cooking skill of level 1 up to 340, and various cooking quests that will result in a ”Turkey Caller” prize.

Now I have no idea what a Turkey Caller is but I most definitely want one…maybe I can strap the pie chair to it and ride it from town to town.

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