Final Fantasy XIV Beta Application

Even before Final Fantasy XIII makes its debut in the English language, Square-Enix are starting up the beta application process for the next installment in the series.

It has already been confirmed that the beta period for the game will last longer than the 4 months put aside for testing FFXI, although an exact time frame for how long the testing phase will last for FFXIV is yet to be confirmed. The current application process for beta candidates is for PC gamers only.

Those wanting to sign up for the beta can visit the Final Fantasy XIV online beta application site.

The Final Fantasy MMO, under development by the same team that produced FFXI, was officially announced at the Sony E3 convention earlier this year. Although some information regarding plot and available characters have been revealed, a lot of specifics still remain a mystery. The game has a tentative release date of 2010 and both Ps3 and PC versions of the game have been confirmed. Square-Enix still claim that a 360 version of the game is an option for release at a later date, but there are no guarantees.

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