Is there a HD Wii in the future?

Nintendo’s plans for an improved Wii is going nowhere. With some of the heads from various divisions agreeing and others not sure, hopes are slowly being dashed. If it comes, it won’t be soon.

“I don’t know how forcefully we can say that there is no Wii HD,” says NOA boss, Reggie Fils-Aime in a recent interview.

“Since ordinary TV programs are now shifting to HD, moving to HD appears to me a natural flow,” says R&D manager Genyo Takeda.

He is on the other side of the argument. With high definition being nearly everywhere, almost everyone and their dog owns a high definition television set.

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s head of design believes many customers who have seen HD cannot go back to standard definition. But he also sees that not every game needs the extra resolution. Do gamers really need to see every siingle detail of Mario’s moustache or see Pikachu’s fur fly when being smashed every single time?

“The developers should choose the most appropriate graphical format depending on the software they make,” states Miyamoto.

Not every game needs high definition. And as for where the company position is on the whole, the saga is only unfolding.

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  1. hmm good question, on one hand you kind of need the HD to compete in the market… on the other hand I can only think of a hand full of games that the Wii would actually need HD.. most of the games are on the lower end of graphics intensity to begin with.

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