Man to Marry his Love Plus Girlfriend

Yes only in Asia will you hear this kind of news. A man from Asia calling himself SAL2000 has in fact married his virtual video game girlfriend reports but wait is this one of those love connection made when slaying monsters in World of Warcraft or some other MMO? … unfortunately no. The man reportedly fell in love with his video game created virtual girlfriend named Nene Anegasaki from the video game Love Plus and plans to hold a reception in Tokyo. Since the girl doesn’t really exist, SAL9000 reportedly took his Nintendo DS to Guam for a legal ceremony and honeymoon (In Guam you can marry whatever you want even zeros and ones), and will livecast the upcoming wedding reception online, reported.

The video game Love Plus allows players to take out their virtual girls on dates, buy her gifts and make her happy just in real life! Players can further increase their virtual life by studying, working out and helping solve their virtual girlfriends “problems”. If the player fails to make their virtual girlfriend happy the game will reset after a hundred days and end in a nasty breakup or in this case a divorce. Sorry Ladies this game is so far for guys only although I heard there is one called Girls Side 1st Love for you.

One has to wonder if its a publicity stunt.. but seriously the guys there is no save and no reset other then divorce.. but on the other hand she will never get fat and if she does divorce you .. she wont get half your stuff!

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  1. erm alrighty then, seems to be taking the whole sim thing to the extreme but I guess if the guy is happy tahts all that matters. I however have pledged my undying loyalty to clippy, my faithful Excel workpal that has never let me down. There will be no nuptials so no need to get out the tux.

    But seriously this had to be a stunt right?

  2. no its totally stupid, Fracking low res nintendo ds girlfriend. BTW don’t tell me he was saving himself for marriage because ill seriously throw up laughing.

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