Chaotic: Shadow Warriors 12 new screenshots

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors 12 new screenshots

Chaotic  Shadow Warriors is a video game based on the popular trading card game and animated television series.  And before everyone on this site starts bashing me about posting kids games on here check out the screenshots.   This game actually looks really good and if you take away the kids card game element you would have never known that it was based a kids card game.  Overall the game looks like it has some exciting art and if you are into the fighting games it should be fun for the whole family.

The Chaotic video game combines action, role playing and turn-based strategy gameplay elements for an epic adventure in Perim, the stunning Chaotic world. Players adventure through vibrant, fully-realized 3D environments and interact with various characters from the best-selling trading card game and hit animated series. Players will build and manage their own army of Chaotic creatures while fighting enemies, collecting battlegear and unlocking new mugic® (magic) spells and attacks. The Chaotic video game features dramatic tactical battles, a variety of captivating gameplay modes, as well as powerful upgrades and valuable unlockables.

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