New Street Fighter Teaser?

A new video on Capcom’s website is a strange one. For starters, on your web browser the title will be “?????”, and on the web URL there will be a bit of text that says “new warrior”.

Could this mean a new downloadable feature for the existing Street Fighter game? It looks more like a new game.

The new Street Fighter game has been rumoured to be called “Super Street Fighter IV”.

There is also a date at the bottom which says “2009.09.29”, which is tomorrow. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Link to this peculiar part of Capcom’s website is here.

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  1. Heh, the “???” is actually the japanese encoding. And who said that was Street Fighter? It could be any game. Just because there were two silhouettes fighting, doesn’t mean the game’s a beat ’em up.

  2. I doubt it is Japanese encoding, my computer is configured to render Japanese (I’m currently raiding Pixiv right now and it encodes perfectly), and it still shows as a bunch of ?’s for me.

    Wasn’t SF4 released just a little while ago? A bit early to be putting out sneak peeks in my opinion. Could be SF, could be something else, but there’s no mistaking that one of those guys had a wrap around his hand.

  3. Guess i was wrong – it was a confirm for Super Street Fighter 4. The page now automatically redirects to it. More info on the game, along with screens was released. Anyway, is it just me or does Ryu look almost the same as Guts from Berserk on that artwork? He resembled him before but now he looks exactly like him.

  4. Now that you mention it, he does look a lot like him. Guys like Guts are a rarity in manga, I can honest-to-god count on one hand the number of huge burly men with massive muscles I know of. (Guts, Younger Toguro (YYH), and Broly (DBZ Movies))

    I need to read something else.

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