New Gears of War To Have Playable Female Character?

The Gears of War games have always had you playing as males with a bit too much armour, could Epic games be introducing a playable female?

It’s the weekend, so I never get to find real gaming news out there. This is just a rumor, but the evidence is quite convincing.

Speaking with the 1 vs. 100 LIVE host Chris Cashman during the August 1st live game, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski,  was asked if gamers could ever expect to play as a female character in aGears of War game. Cliff’s answer, in short, was that he could not comment on “possible aspects” of a game that “may or may not” be in development.

It’s quite common for game developers to use those certain phrases when what is being asked is true.

However, he quickly responded to the comment made earlier about the image of the female Gear that was on the front cover for a  Gears of War comic book. He stated that the character “may or may not” be involved in any “as-yet-unannounced” video game projects.

With this being said, we all know that there will be a Gears of War 3. The game hasn’t been announced officially as of now, but considering how popular the game is, it’s obvious they will make a 3rd.

Front cover drawn by Jim Lee

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  1. I see that in the comic book picture the woman wears very skimpy clothing, instead of the vast amount of armour the male chatacter wears. Its good to see comic book traditions are being kept up :P. Anyway sounds to me like he’s pretty much admitting its in their plan – and at any rate it sounds like a reasonable idea.

  2. yeah pretty common for popular games like this to have novels and comics. A lot of times people don’t really know about them for example I didn’t know about starcrafts novels until recent… but iv played the game since it came out!

  3. It’s a fact of comics, games, and anime. The less a woman wears, the more protected she is. And no matter how close she is to getting arrested for indecent exposure, she will be able to brave a blizzard while dressed like that

  4. lol, i didnt know there was a comics series. huh, have to check that out. Anyway, Females are always more exposed to males. Perhaps it’s because guys play more?

  5. No I think it gives the female characters an advantage of speed if they don’t wear so much clothing 🙂 … really I swear thats the reason.

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