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Has Activision flipped their lid? in recent comments about video game pricing it was mentioned that Activision wants to release Modern Warfare 2 at a higher price then the standard retail game release price.  Further to that Activision CEO Robert Kotick stated: “You know if it was left to me, I would raise the prices even further.”  Angering the online fan base around the world.

Even though the statement was made “jokingly” fans are retaliating with an online petition with over 3000 signed since the petition went up less then a day.  The petition states that the gamers on the petition will not purchase Modern Warfare 2 at the full retail price which in most cases is inflated outside of North America.  Whether or not Activision cares about an online petition made up of mostly fanboys or not will be seen as Activision is looking to cash in on the most anticipated game of the year (which regardless of this price hike should be the best selling and most popular game of the year).

Here is what the Petition entails: TO: Activision

As the “biggest entertainment launch of all time” approaches, you’re increasingly making your fanbase more angry. Your recent moves on the business side are head scratching and completely apauling. Tony Hawk peripherals to start, PC and UK price hikes and ridiculously overpriced collectors editions for MW2. Gamers were left scratching their heads wondering why? Than your CEO decided to further anger your customers with this quote “And Tony, you know if it was left to me, I would raise the prices even further.” I believe we are in what we call a “recession.” What the consumer needs is not more expensive items, but less expensive, which we’re obviously not screaming for you to do. As people we speak with our wallets as we know you wont hear our words. Everyone who signs this petition disagrees with your approach and your smug attitude. The undersigned agree not to purchase your game at full retail value. We instead will either choose to A.) not purchase MW2. B.)Purchase only in used form allowing no revenue for you. C.)Import from a cheaper country. This may not seem like much of a threat, but the internet is a large place and your wallets may seem a little lighter come Christmas time. Thank you.

What do you think of the announced price hike? are video games already priced high enough? or is there room for increase without losing buyers?

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  1. Oh man those bastards! I hope this doesn’t mean the Modern Warfare 2 prestige edition price goes up… I was looking forward to getting those night vision goggles 🙂

  2. I’ve heard about this, Activison are rasing the price £5.00 on top of the original price increase.

    It seems like they are just stacking up the increases, and also I hate their smug comments, especially when they’ve annoyed so many.

  3. yeah no kidding, why would you even say stuff like that? its not like price hikes are “ever” taken lightly by the fan base. If anything they should have seen this as something that was going to be retaliated against, Promotion strategy? who knows what they where thinking.

  4. No worries though! The online petition will sort that out soon enough. We all know how much companies care about those 😀

  5. Inflated outside of NA isn’t a laughing matter in the least. Like I said before, a new game goes for 50 quid in the UK probably, and it’s roughly $2 to the pound.

    Since the PS3 and such are region-free (About damn time at that), the game market in the UK is going to suffer something fierce.

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