Dual Wielding in Modern Warfare 2

“Whoops, didn’t mean to reveal that aspect of the game…okay, I did.”

Robert Bowling, also known on his Twitter account as “fourzerotwo” has posted on his Twitter profile regarding dual weilding in Modern Warfare 2.

dual-wieldThe update on his profile says: “Just walked off stage. Crowd was amazing, went insane chanting ‘pick it up!’ when I stumbled over Dual-wield Deagles. lol – Akimbo confirmed”

Now, it’s obvious to me that Infinity Ward did this intentionally to create some attention, but it’s reassuring that Infinity Ward are revealing more about their game, in order to give fans a better view of what the game really has to offer.

So, what can we expect, will it just be the Desert eagles that can be dual-wielded, or every pistol?

To view the post on his Twitter, click HERE.

To view Robert Bowling’s Twitter account, click HERE.


Robeert Bowling has written on his blog site regarding the accusations of “over powered” weapons:

“I was presenting a singleplayer mission at the GameCrazy show this morning on stage and happened to walk over a body that had Akimbo (dual wield side arm), therefore the icon for the weapon popped up on screen and the room went crazy with chants demanding I pick it up and use it.

So I did.

Happened to be dual Deagles. Now to calm some initial fears of “OMG! Overpowered!”. Akimbo is limited and balanced, just like EVERYTHING in the game. It’s limited to sidearms, harder to aim than standard and you can’t go ADS (aim down sights) since you have a weapon in each hand; Among other balancing techniques, so don’t freak out before you see it in action.”

“so don’t freak out before you see it in action.” I see a trailer coming…

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