Modern Warfare 2: New Co-op Footage

“This time it really is new footage…”

At this year’s Game Crazy company convention, (which I had no idea existed) the presence of Infinity Ward dominated the convention. Infinity Ward have more or less taken over the convention after showing off duel-wieldable  desert eagles, so everyone was keeping their eyes out for more Modern Warfare 2 news.

So, Infinity Ward, who are constantly dominating headlines, even when they posted a picture of the “Co-op lobby screen”, have now shown off some more single player footage, here it is.


The video you just watched was showing the Co-op gameplay from one person, below is the original video showing slit-screen, enjoy.


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  1. Ha, “Modern Warfare 2’s new feature, experience random black screens during gameplay.”

    But on a serious note, after looking at the video again, they were cheering because the man that the player shot was a “bad guy”, and the crowd was happy that the player managed to kill him. And also they were cheering when seeing all the cars on fire and the citizens running everywhere.

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