Mega Man 10 to Hit PSN and XBLA?

Mega Man 10 to Hit PSN and XBLA?

As we know, the rumor mill keeps on turning and there is no telling what kind of stuff will pop out for us to gawk at in wonder.  Today is no different, it was recently “rumored” in the Japanese magazine Famitsu that Mega Man 10 may will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network shortly after its release on the Wii.  If any of you can recall, you will remember our announcement that Capcom would continue there new trend of making 8-bit Mega Man games with the game Mega Man 10.  While Capcom hasn’t confirmed Mega Man 10’s release on XBLA and PSN quite yet, we can only hope that these rumors are true.  Many avid Nintendo fans have made their move away from Nintendo and onto other consoles but they still want to experience Mega Man in all of its 8-bit glory.  So here’s hoping that Capcom will confirm the rumors soon and get this game out there.

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