Rumour: GTA IV The Lost And Damned Coming To PS3?

“Will PS3 gamers finally get to experience some more GTA?”

Rumours have started to emerge about Grand Theft Auto: The Lost And Damned, that was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive, is now coming to the Playstation Store. The rumour comes in after a a playstation community mod posted this: “And they [Rockstar] were certainly showing some PS3 love – Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned was available to play in a special 18+ area, we didn’t manage to get our hands on it due to the MASSIVE queue – but those inside looked pretty ***** excited.”

After reading this, I decided to check out the PlayStation community section on their website, after I had found the message, a notice popped up saying “the Message you are trying to access has been deleted. Please update your bookmarks.”

Hmm, what’s Sony up to now? Maybe the community mod said something he shouldn’t of..

Having the Lost And Damned on the PlaySation seems fair, why did Rockstar make the downloadable episodes on only the Xbox Live Marketplace in the first place?

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  1. hmm yeah good point why it was on xbox only, these “deals” seem to be happening a lot with exclusive games. But then again, its not like someone would go buy an xbox just to play GTA

  2. @ Blueheavens

    This is a rumour, and despite the fact that one of the community mods for playstation’s website has written about it, it must still be treated as a rumour, in other words, don’t get your hopes up just yet…

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