Judge Regects Bethesda Appeal to Prevent Sale of Fallout PC Bundle

Judge Regects Bethesda Appeal to Prevent Sale of Fallout PC Bundle

As some of you may be aware, Interplay have produced a box-set for their original PC titles from the Fallout series. When Bethesda attempted to sue Interplay for releasing the product, a federal judge dismissed the case.

Originally reported at DuckandCover, Bethesda have claimed that the bundle is “confusingly similar” to Fallout 3 products being released this year. Bethesda have also tried to halt the production of the Fallout MMO which was confirmed mid November. Bethesda claims that although the rights for an MMO were sold back to Interplay when Bethesda bought the rights to the fallout series, Interplay failed to start work or gather the funds for the project in the agreed upon time period.

Although Bethesda lost the injunction with the judge offering no reasons for the decision, the company is still pursuing legal action in an attempt to halt the production of the Fallout MMO.

NB: The title picture is an early screen from the Fallout MMO…if it ever happens.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com


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