British Judge Fakes Sickness To Play Modern Warfare 2

British Judge Fakes Sickness To Play Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2…It sold over 4 million copies worldwide on launch day, it was one the most anticipated games to launch this year, if not this decade.

Most of us are hooked to the game, some of us have most probably not even taken the disc of our trays yet and maybe…just maybe, a few of you have done the daring “all¬†nighters”.

This is the case for one Judge in the U.K. The Judge (48) admitted to having played Modern Warfare 2 on the day of release for so long that the next day he was too tired to bother going to court for a pending trial so he lied to the court that he was ill, which delayed the pending trial.

No known action has been taken on the Judge, but one question I would like to ask him would be “did you click the trigger on the first part of “No Russian”?”

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