Infinity Ward Do Not Like Clowns?

Infinity Ward Do Not Like Clowns?

Shame on you Infinity Ward!

I decided to take another look at and to my surprise, the website is still active.

However, they have once again decided to change their message.

“Our message and demands are out in the public domain, yet we still hear nothing from IW. We are running low on Marmite – so we have had to substitute his rations with Bovril. I am sure you do not want to see this clown tourtured any further.”

Ok, now this is starting to seem less serious and more of an attempt at fame over the Internet.

The Ziip community then decided to explain themselves (sort of) to The Escapist Magazine.

They state that they had purchased the domain “months ago” and then forgotten about until the recent announcement of the Multiplayer gameplay footage released.  They also infomred the Escapist that: “There was nothing malicious or any serious intent to make money out of owning the domain,” he continued. “When I placed the message on the site asking for a copy of a game for all of my members I did so because I didn’t want to make any actual cash from the domain. I just figured that IW would have promo copies of the game lying around the place and I was trying to do something nice for my little community that has stuck together for the past 4 or 5 years and paid hundreds and hundreds of pounds out to software developers.”

So with the Ziip community stating this, it seems as though they still expect to receive a copy of Modern Warfare 4, but the Ziip community seems to have gone a bit crazy (they did state they are low on marmite.)

All the world can do now is hold their breath, and hope that Infinity Ward will save the clown, from their own fans.

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