Infinity Ward goes “Headhunting”

Infinity Ward goes “Headhunting”

Infinity Ward are continuing their hunt for anyone who have/are abusing the new UFO hack, first discovered on PSN.

It’s obvious that Infinity Ward still have Modern Warfare close to their hearts, as I found out via Twitter. The game developer “tweeted” on Twitter informing everyone that they were:

“Doing some late night headhunting on PSN and Xbox Live. Taking down gamertags / PSN IDs exploiting the COD 4 UFO hack.”

Wait? Did he just say Xbox Live? I thought that the UFO hack was only possible on the PS3, obviously people have found a way to abuse this through Xbox Live now too.

This update comes after Infinity Ward recently posted that they were “investigating the glitchers” on the PS3. But it’s now spread onto Xbox Live too.

It’s nice to see that Infinity Ward are responding fast to an older game of theirs, this shows to me that they will be monitoring Modern Warfare 2, hard.

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