Halo Movie “On Hold”

Halo Movie “On Hold”

Remember when Peter Jackson said that the Halo Movie was no longer happening? Well Microsoft has a different little story.

Earlier this week Peter Jackson stated that “the Halo project is no longer happening.” Now, Microsoft have released a statement which had this to say. “Given the bandwidth of both of our companies we’ve decided to put this joint effort on hold and prioritise resources against other projects like Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach and Halo Legends.”

It’s a bit strange how Peter Jackson ensured the public that the project is no longer in action while Microsoft insists that it is, maybe Microsoft are so keen on this project after all, or maybe Peter Jackson is no longer part of the project. That means that in order to continue, Microsoft needs to find a new guy for the job, maybe¬†Spielberg could take his place, after all he does love all things Natal.

To some fans this comes as a concern and only now the Halo Movie becomes a bigger ring at the back of their minds, while for others it’s a big sigh of relief to hear that Microsoft has finally said something about the project, even if it does throw in a pretty expected question. “ Will the Halo project ever happen?”

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