Final Fantasy Toilet Water?

Final Fantasy Toilet Water?

It’s well known that the Final Fantasy franchise has an incredible amount of memorabilia on sale. You can buy Final Fantasy – action figures, jewellry. replica weapons…hell you can even buy a chocobo baby-grow if you’re really dedicated.

For the first time Square has now stepped out of the realm of asphetic pieces and moved on to licensing a more nasal based product. Coming this April is a series of 50ml bottles of “anti-whiff” branded as “lightning”, after the Final Fantasy 13 character of the same name. A few of the scents available are – yellow peach, citrus and lily of the valley.

These bottles will be sold at 7,140 yen ($83) for those of you wanting to show your appreciation of the series with a fragrant scent. Who knows, this time next year people might be eating roast chocobo instead of turkey…I imagine they taste like chicken.

I assure you, this product is very real.


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