Fifa 10 Demo Details

“We’re football crazy, we’re football mad.” Any one else remember that song… just me? Ok then…

As announced earlier, the Fifa 10 demo will be available on September 10th, and will release in North America a week later 17 September.

The demo will contain Chelsea, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Marseille, and Chicago Fire allowing you to play an exhibition match.

Also, it’s been confirmed that there will be an option to create your own in-game videos, and post them on EA football world for the first time in a Fifa demo.

Now, I absolutaly hate football games, but this teaser trailer had me wanting more; with the improvements in graphics, and realism, I’m now quite interested in this game.

The demo will be available for PC, Xbox live and PSN.


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  1. What still amazes me is how half the world calls this football while the other half calls it soccer. And to confuse things even more, there really is another sport called football. It’s horribly deceptive, and it drives me crazy.

  2. I had desperately waited for this game to be launched and had expected so much from it. But when i played it i was like ” WTf is this”. Fifa ’08 and Fifa ’09 are way better than 2010 in both gameplay and tactics. The only improvement is of the graphics which was not acceptable on the compromise of gameplay.

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