EVE Online based Shooter announced

CCP, the studio behind EVE Online announced a new project. The game is called “DUST 514” and will be released for next-gen consoles, but a date hasn’t been revealed yet. Accoarding to CCP, DUST 514 has been in developed for three years now. The game will be an online FPS with RTS elements and will be tied to the ¬†PC MMORPG, Eve Online. Accoarding to it’s creators, DUST 514 will give you a closer look onto the EVE Online universe.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. I’ve heard of EVE online but never bothered to even see what genre it was besides sci-fi something. I’ll look into it now, but if this another MMOFPS, they’re going to have a stuff competition by 2010.

  2. It’s not an FPS.Eve Online is a massive multiplayer online roleplaying spacegame.As for Dust514 it won’t be an MMO,or at least not as we know it.

  3. My bad, I worded my sentence wrong. I meant if Dust was going to be a MMOFPS spin off of EVE online.

    The ‘RTS elements’ caught my eye, I can’t think of many FPS with any real strategy besides “hey shoot that red gas tank!”.

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