Creator of Final Fantasy Plans to Announce New Title in Spring

Some of you may have heard of Hironobu Sakaguchi; for those of you that haven’t, maybe your ears would perk up a little more if I said that he’s the creator of Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon.  For some it is common knowlege that a new game of his has been in the works for quite a while now but little to no information has been released yet.  In a blog post by Sakaguchi, he says, “I thought we’d announce the new title within the year, but it’s running a bit late. My apologies. Next year, perhaps Spring?”

We know little about it other than it’s an RPG and the title has been finalized, just not announced.  We will have to wait to hear more news on the game, and we here at GamerSyndrome will bring it to you when we get it.

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