Crackdown 2 Graffiti Competition

This is a little project for all the artists we have here at Gamer Syndrome. Ruffian Games, developer of Crackdown 2, is holding a competition to find “awesome” user-made, graffiti art to include in the game.

Here are the guidelines. The deadline is quite tight so any of you wanting to get involved in this competition will need to start tagging and stensiling away ASAP.

* Get your submissions to us in time, we need them by Wednesday the 9th of December
* Do not submit someone else’s pictures without permission. We don’t want to be tied up in a legal battles with spotty teenagers claiming we ripped off their work because you copied your entry from underneath the Staines underpass (the one near the chippy, not the one by the roundabout).
* Keep it clean. However tastefully or lovingly rendered goatse or tubgirl pics aren’t going to end up in the game
* Submission format: 1024 x 1024 images please. Format doesn’t matter that much. PNG is nice.

Crackdown 2 will be set in Pacific City 10 years after the original game. Those 10 years seem to have been unkind to the city as it now lies in ruins, buildings falling apart, mutant freaks roam the streets and walls are plastered with graffiti (this is where you come in mes artista amigos).

There is no word of prizes beyond winners artwork being placed in the game but it seems pretty worthwhile, simply for the “I graffitied Crackdown 2” factor.

All entries need to be sent to (

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