Christmas Light Hero

Well it’s the season for chaining your house up with strings of seizure enducing lights. But perhaps you’ve become tired of the waving Santa animation. Maybe that reindeer with the flashing red nose just seems tacky.

Well, if you’ve got the time, a Guitar Hero light show may well be exactly what you need.

According to The Daily What Rick Turner, a former Disney imagineer, has constructed a perfect recreation of an easy mode rendition of Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover across his garage door. Turner provided details of how he achieved the impressive display to Make:

“Christmas Light Hero is using 7 light controllers from Light-O-Rama built from kits to control 21,268 lights and LEDs. Each controller has 16 outputs and 2-3 TTL level control inputs that are used by the game system to fire different programmed light sequences depending on what happens in the game. It relies on the fact that the game sequence is very consistent. If the game and the lighting sequences start together, they will stay in very good sync through the length of the song. The light program allows branching and overlays for fail, star power and “ready.” I have some ideas to automate the initial show/game sync, but for now you have to push doorbell buttons at the right moments.”

It’s possible to play through the song by following the lights that scroll across the garage door, with the sound being emitted from a Wii. However, Turner noted that even gamers familiar with playing the game on harder difficulty settings have trouble following the rythym of the song from the Christmas light display.

Here’s a video of the phenominal display in action:


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