China Bans Beatings After Death at Internet-Addict Camp

Ok this is not video games news… or maybe it is, who knows. In China they have “Internet Addict” camps for teenagers that are deemed addicted to the internet, this can be to much MMORPG, surfing news, surfing porn or maybe even farming Gold? Its actually hard to tell since its China, maybe 1 hour a day is to much in their books?.  Apparently after the death of one teenager soon after he arrived at the Internet Addict camp China has now banned physical punishment for these teenagers, also banned is the use of “electroshock therapy” … WTF? yes you read that correct.

Note to self.. don’t move to china or you might end up in a nut house or worse because you spend 10-12 hours a day online 🙂

<Taken From The Globe and Mail>

China’s Ministry of Health has banned the use of physical punishment to wean teens off the net, months after a boy was beaten to death at an Internet boot camp.

Chinese parents have turned to more than 200 organizations offering treatment for Internet “disorders” as the government increasingly warns of unhealthy Internet habits among the young.

Many of the camps are imbued with a military atmosphere. Patients are forced to replace hours in front of the computer with arduous physical drills or even more extreme “treatments”.

“When intervening to prevent improper use of the Internet, we should … strictly prohibit restriction of personal freedom and physical punishments,” the ministry said in a draft guideline for Internet use by minors, posted on its website.

It appeared to have dropped the term “Internet addiction”, widely used in earlier ministry documents, perhaps in a bid to calm worried parents who fuelled a mushrooming business of harsh camps to prevent teens from spending hours online.

The death of 15-year-old Deng Senshan, just hours after he checked into an Internet bootcamp in the southwestern Guangxi region in early August, caused a media storm in China.

Days later another teenager, Pu Liang, was taken to hospital with water in the lungs and kidney failure after a similar attack in Sichuan Province.

The government in July had already banned electroshock therapy as a treatment for Internet addiction, after media reports about a controversial psychiatrist who administered electric currents to nearly 3,000 teenagers.

The latest guidelines suggest officials in Beijing do not think that those with unhealthy Internet habits should be forced offline permanently.

“The goal of intervention is … to urge the target people to use the Internet in a healthy way,” the guideline said. “It’s not to stop them from using the Internet.”

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  1. I crushed my face again. Why on earth did they have to wait until someone died? A clinic to treat people is a good idea, but any kind of corporeal punishment should be reserved for criminals.

    Jesus, I’m on the internet almost all the time, but I don’t consider myself addicted. My mum is though.

  2. Its China though, so this is probably the norm to be putting kids in these types of “Camps” to try and “rehabilitate” them back into the normal society.. if there is such a thing there.

  3. last i heard the CN govt still picks someone one time a year, brings em to a public bridge, has them kneel and fires a bullet in to the back of their face. if youre lucky to live in China you know that the govt isnt another squinty-eyed mate with tiny hands making helpful suggestions like “please dont beat the addicts” ..Math Games. the CN govt is also your owner.

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