Bungie Are Moving On From Halo

Bungie recently stated that they were moving on from the Halo franchise after Halo: Reach.

Bungie have stated multiple times that after Halo: Reach they will no longer be making Halo games, which means that another company will be taking their spot, but what fans of the Halo franchise are really concerned about is the new game that Bungie says are “close” to publishing.

So when can fans expect to hear the name of the new game?

Bungie multiplayer designer Lars Bakken told Eurogamer the studio is pretty close to getting a publishing deal for a new title, and expects to know soon, but us fans will have to wait on that news.

“I think internally we’ll know sometime soon. I don’t handle these things, but I’d imagine we’re going to know way before we make the public announcement of who’s handling that! But sure, I think those talks are, I guess, close,” Bakken said.

Wait, have Bungie just been locked up from telling the title? Who would be strong enough to zip the mouthes of Bungie!?

I guess we can expect multi-platform games.

And for anyone (such as myself) who can’t wait for Halo 3:ODST, the game is hitting shelves across the world 22nd September 2009.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. I think xbox 360, would they bring it multi platform after all these years? who knows.. unless there is some huge market share to be gained.. but I dont think so since all of it would have to be played on the xbox network.

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