Towers of Hanoi

Towers of Hanoi is a classic game, a puzzle that was designed by French Mathematician, named Edouard Lucas. The game is designed to get your mind working fast as you try to solve the game in order to complete the game. The game was published by Novel Games Limited and is compatible with considerable number of operating systems. The game was inspired by a legend that suggests that the world will end at the completion of stacking the discs in an Indian temple and the Brahma priests are responsible for stacking the discs thus the other name for the game is Towers of Brahma. According to the legend, it would take the priests more than a hundred billion years to complete at minimal speed.

The game is simple and yet requires one to think fast in order t make an appropriate move. There are three rods and a stack of discs on one of the rods. The aim of the game is to move discs from the one rod to another. The aim has to be accomplished with the following rules of the game:
In the movement of discs, only a single disc can be moved at one time. Of the discs to be moved, you cannot move a disk that is below another. You have to move the disc that is on the topmost. The arrangement of discs in terms of size is also of importance. You have to put a smaller disc on top of the larger disc and never the larger disc on top of the smaller disc. It is no shock that the inventor is a mathematician.

The game definitely achieves its objective and is a fast responsive game. The game gets one’s mind working fast and logically. The game was specifically made for the pocket PC. Below is a summary of some of the features of Towers Of Hanoi.

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