Mouse About Lite

An arcade game published by Cobra Mobile, Mouse About Lite is one of the best if not the best iPhone puzzle game designed specifically for the touch screen. Just a touch is how you play the game. It is simple as it sounds! It is also fun and the graphics and physics behind it are great. One of the best puzzle games ever released I must say. The puzzle game is so good, addiction is almost inevitable.

In the game you are working against time. Marv the mouse is the focus of the game and you have to guide him to all the food that she has to eat so as to proceed to the next stage. To get to the next stage the mouse should have eaten all the food that is distributed in various positions in the puzzle before you have run out of time. Once you have failed to beat time you automatically have lost a life. Speed, focus, and quick thinking are required to succeed in this game. Each new level is more challenging than the previous level. The more work one has got to do.

To cope with the speed required in the game, the touch screen is made use of through the entire game. You can be as fast as you can get! The different levels have you thinking of a new strategy each time. There are up to 15 different levels you are sure not to get tired of this game. This game helps you improve your speed and your strategy skills. The game occupies 10.4MB. Kids and adults can play the game alike and all will enjoy the game. The family can take turns to play the games and will definitely have fun.

This game has received high ratings throughout and the reception is great. You can simply download it onto the iPhone. Mouse About Lite is one of many iPhone games that has received such high ratings, makes it easier to say it is just perfect. IGN has given it a8/10 together with TouchArcade and Touchgaming. What better game to have than one designed for the iPhone itself.

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