Lights Off

Lights off is a game designed for the iPhone which is a puzzle game that will definitely get your mind working in order to win and proceed to the next level and hopefully go through all the levels. The game is compatible with the iPhone, and iPhone OS 2.x operating systems and iPhone 2.0 Software update. Learning the game is simple but mastering it can be challenging, which is what makes the game worthwhile. The game was published by Peerium, Inc.

The game is fun and tests your intelligence. It is divided into levels which have a completely different puzzle altogether. The first puzzles are simple and one gets used to the game. As one proceeds they become more challenging. The object of the game is to turn all the lights off. This is done simply by touching a square on the screen. As you turn on or off a square, the surrounding squares are affected and their current states are changed. You need to figure out the right squares to tap that will switch off the surrounding squares rather than switch them on. This is were your mind needs to be at work.

On the screen, there are 25 squares some lit and some off. Below the squares is a reset button, which you can press when you wish to restart that level when you think you are stuck. Also positioned at the bottom are the level and the number of moves made. When you wish to revisit a level, you touch the area displaying the level. You move to the next level once you have succeeded in switching off all the lights.

Lights off won second place in the C4 Iron coder competition, it does deserve this sort of credit. The design and graphics behind the game are excellent. For those who are impatient or fail to retrace their moves, in the effort to win, will eventually find the game frustrating and would easily give up and stop playing the game altogether. Despite this, the game has been embraced by many and is favored more by puzzle fanatics.

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