The iPint iPhone game was produced by Beattie McGuinnes Bungay and developed by Coors Brewers Ltd, which is suitable for the iPhone 3G.  It is a good game and is also a free download. IPint was produced as a marketing strategy for the brand of beer, Carling. It is important to note that the game can only be downloaded by those over the age of 18. The game is compatible with the iPhone 2.0 software.

The pint is close to a real liquid beer. The game is played using the phone’s tilt sensors. The beer reacts in the same way a real beer does. When you drink, it reduces in quantity, it tilts when phone is tilted and can be poured as well. Adjustments need to be made to make it more realistic. The iPhone’s accelerometer is used in playing the game.

The aim of the game is to slide a pint of beer to the other side of the table, without dropping the pint to the floor. There will be obstacles along the way as you slide the pint, which would be all sorts of items you can find in a bar and these have to be avoided. Once you succeed and the pint has been delivered, your glass is filled when you tap the screen and as you tilt the phone, as you drink the beer will actually be decreasing in quantity. There are three levels to it, which differ in the surfaces making it harder to deliver slide the beer to the other end without dropping it.

The graphics, sound effects are simple and improvements in this area would be greatly appreciated. There are instructions that come with it, which makes it a really simple application, and no difficulties in its usage can ever be experienced, guaranteed!
The game is amusing and fun for a short time. It is not long before you get tired of it and therefore is not a game one would want permanently on their phone. If you are interested in showing off your iPhone and have a little amusement this game is the one for you.

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