Mars Defense Game: FREE for one week

Starting today on November 5th at 6PM GMT, the first edition of the iPhone tower defense game called Mars Defense will be free to download. This is an exclusive offer from the UK game developer Origin8, who is giving the game away free of charge to celebrate this years Bonfire Night in England. Better hurry, this game is only free to download for a week.

Mars Defense is a tower styled defense game where players must use a combination of awesome space-styled weapons and gadgets to stop the alien invaders from breaking through. The aliens come in waves, with each wave becoming progressively stronger as the game goes on. You must defend a set path which the aliens follow, but once the aliens get through a series of “gates” to your base, its game over.

Mars Defense features a 2D play style with unique 3 dimensional special effects and combat effects thrown in to add a cool twist to the gameplay. This game also boasts a formidable amount of content for an iPhone game, as well as highly addictive gameplay. What are you waiting for? Head over to the iPhone apps store today and get your copy of Mars Defense free while the offer lasts!

Seriously, It’s FREE!

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