Iphone Game GUTS Drops to 99 Cents

Iphone Game GUTS Drops to 99 Cents

It seems as though Tag Games and Slabovia are following Konami’s lead, dropping their debut iphone title to a mere 99 cents (59p UK).

Both companies have stated that they have slashed the price of their collaborative release to celebrate the App store marking it as ”new and notable” on the UK stores front page. Since its 10th November release GUTS has enjoyed  a 4.5 star rating and generally positive feedback.

GUTS tells the story of two Slabovian citizens who are shrunk down to a microscopic size. Players take control of the two characters, Kierky and Neitzche, traversing the various organs and blood vessels of the general, curing his various illnesses over the 11 levels.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com


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