My Best iPhone Games

My Best iPhone Games

With well over 50,000 apps available to purchase from the Apple iPhone App Store, and hundreds more being added daily, it’s not always easy to find the games that are worth your money. Some games are instant hits, then fade away, while others become classic legends of the App Store. With so many at your fingertips though, you’re guaranteed to find one that you won’t be able to pass up.

Here’s a list of my favorite iPhone games, in no particular order:
Fieldrunners – one of the original tower defense games for iPhone that defined the genre. Offers beautiful graphics and gameplay that keeps you coming back for more of this very high quality app.

Real Racing – as the name implies, a very realistic racing game, making excellent use of accelerometer control. Unlockables are plenty as you progress through many tracks rendered in gorgeous 3d.

Zenonia – one of the most highly anticipated titles to date, an epic RPG that delivers 40+ hours of classic gameplay. While it might not offer the best graphics or controls, what it does give you; an engrossing story, memorable characters, and action-packed gameplay, more than make up for it.

Rolando 2 – another highly anticipated game, improves on original’s graphics and gameplay, driving an epic storyline. Ngmoco knows what they’re doing with iPhone games, and they do it great. Any fan of Rolando should definitely look into Rolando 2.
MotionX Poker – provides a poker/dice simulation that becomes quite addicting. Uses accelerometer controls to provide the most realistic dice rolling found on the iPhone, and combines it with a goal oriented poker game to make an app that’s reached the top of many players’ must have lists.

Here’s a list of the current Top 5 games, according to the Apple App Store:

  1. GloBall
  2. Flight Control
  3. Hero of Sparta
  4. Stoneloops! of Jurassica
  5. Sally’s Spa

Are you an iPhone gamer? If so, tell me which games are your favorite!

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