Maze Finger for iphone

Maze Finger for iphone


The Maze finger game is a game that simply illustrates how powerful your iPhone is. It is a game that simply utilizes the features of the iPhone that included the touch screen feature, a game that is made for the phone and blends with the phone so well you would think it comes with the phone! A product of Ngmoco the game occupies 5.4MG of memory. It has this mystery tied to it. 

In the game, you are given a path that you are meant to follow without destroying or disturbing the barriers in front of you. When the game begins, you have to push your finger over a white light, and follow the provided path. In this game time is of essence, if you take too long in reaching the end you have failed, you cannot proceed to the next level. When you do succeed, you proceed to the next level that is more challenging and each level gets even more challenging as you go.  Along the way, there are energy pickups that one can find along the way along with blockers and traps, making the game the more interesting. Remember you will be racing against time.

The environments are not fixed and there is an urge for you to be quite fast. At the end of each level, the game grades you according to your performance. The special effects and sounds are extraordinary the game deserves more credit than it already has! There are up to 200 levels and the mazes get up to 1000, these mazes are not just any mazes you are accustomed to they are exclusive, unique to the game and you cannot guess what the next stage has in store for you. You can even share scores with your friends as well as the games allows you to store your high scores.

The game has received average to high ratings and the reception is good. It is entertaining, fun and can get you engrossed for a long time. You are sure of having fun all the way with Maze Finger, perfect game for the iPhone.

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