GUTS outsells Modern Warfare 2!

.. but only in Slabovia.  My Guess is that the Communist Dictator of  Slabovia simply ordered everyone to buy GUTS instead of Modern Warfare 2 or face harsh government punishment such as jail, hard labor or public stoning, or if you buy Modern Warfare 2 you need to buy 2 copies of GUTS.. haha.. ok thats just a joke maybe they just don’t like war games there.

Slabovia, the last communist dictatorship in Europe, has revealed that its debut video game, GUTS, has outsold Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – in Slabovia. The news follows a nationwide downgrading of all PCs capable of playing modern games to 1992 specifications in order to address environmental impact concerns. Previously, General Schmerdiakov had banned all video game consoles from Slabovia unless they were filled with mashed potato, to the point where media could not be physically inserted, in order to meet “state-mandated safety requirements”. This leaves only iPhone and iPod Touch machines as the formats of choice for Slabovian gamers.

General Schmerdiakov commented: “Today, we have shown the West that their jingoistic warfare simulations are no match for our glorious game designs. GUTS, the magnificent re-telling of the miraculous medical operation that saved my life, reigns supreme as the highest-selling game of all time in our wonderful nation. This is completely in line with our expectations and is a testament to our brothers at Tag Games and the sonic mastery of Si Begg’s soundtrack but also myself, as the game is principally about me. But we cannot rest, Slabovian citizens. I know many of you have not yet purchased GUTS, so listen closely – buy this game. Enjoy this game. Or be punished. That is all.”

GUTS is available from the App Store now, priced at £1.79




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