GloBall Review


Platform– iPhone

Developer– Robot Super Brain

Release date– June 8, 2009

Price– $0.99

Average rating– 4/5

GloBall is a game for the iPhone that is similar to many classic brick breaking games, but offers enough originality to make it stand out. The controls for instance, make it unique from the others. Another difference is the level design, which made this game great to me. Rich, colorful graphics and smooth animation also make the experience more immersive and entertaining.

The most unique aspect of this game is that instead of having the action limited to what can fit on the screen; you move around 43 large levels, most having multiple paths to take. As you roll along, your goal is to get the highest score possible by breaking all the blocks in the stage, avoiding enemies and other things that will cost you a ball. All hope is not lost if you fall victim to a spike trap, or moving platform of flames; just collect coins scattered around the level to regain a ball.


To aid you in your breaking, there are several powerups. One to cause a chain reaction, shattering all blocks it touches, another to send you straight through the blocks, with no bouncing, to name a few. An element of strategy comes into play with blocks that multiply your score based on the color of the bricks that you hit. The good people at Robot Super Brain know how we gamers like showing off, so online score posting is included as well.

The ball is controlled by the accelerometer. To move it around the level, you simply tilt your device in the desired direction. While this does feel natural, it can sometimes be difficult to make the ball go exactly where you want it to the first time. This is a problem when trying to avoid obstacles. If you can get over this minor flaw however, the controls are otherwise great.

All things considered, GloBall is an excellent buy. It puts the best elements of the genre together, creating a game that is both fun and challenging. Chances are, any casual gamer would enjoy GloBall, especially those seeking a unique take on the tried and true brick breaking formula.

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  1. I think it’s more like Arkanoid than tetris. It does look pretty fun though, I used to be able to spend hours on these kinds of games no bother back in the day. I remember when I spent an entire day playing columns on the genesis and actually got my score so high it wouldn’t budge.

  2. This game is really like a combination of many different puzzlers, but more like Arakanoid than Tetris. And if you’re a fan of Columns, there is a version, almost an exact port avaliable from the App Store.

  3. Nah, I have it on my PSP. I pandora’d that thing and I can run the Gens emulator on it, but I’ve got games a lot better than columns that’s for sure. Playing Streets of Rage 2 currently, which is simply one of the best games on the Genesis, hands down.

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