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Diamond Twister is an interesting game that is more of a modified version of Bejeweled. It is a game to consider as a long- term game for your iPhone. The game was produced by Gameloft and is just one of the many achievements coming from GameLoft. The puzzle game has been successful and still is. You can play the game for hours on end.

It is a gem-matching puzzle. You have to match gems of the same colour. Once you have matched, the matched jewels disappear and new jems come into the scene. Aside from match making you can control the way some of the gems fall by tilting your iPhone, this way you can learn which way the jewels fall in, increases your chance of matching the jewels. You can use your finger to move the jewels by moving then onto the screen. The golden squares are worth more points and thus not so easy to get. In order to gain more points it would be better to aim matching the golden gems and reduce focus on the other gems, which you probably will not get the chance to match all of them. After all, for you to proceed to the next game you need to reach a certain score, you do not need to finish matching all the tiles.

The storyline of the game is equally interesting as well. Instead of the usual plot were the main character is the savior of the game the main character is a thief. You, as the thief under the supervision of a tutor, a cat burglar, you travel all over the world to steal the gems from people. Continuous orders from your tutor are heard as you start the game giving the game an intriguing note to it.
Great effects such as the music, cute animations and a colorful overall look accompany the game. The overall ratings of the game are high and it is a recommended game. The game is slow and for those fast loving gamers it would be rather boring.

Diamond twister is suitable for casual players looking for games for their iPhones.

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  1. Diamond twister is a match three game with more depth than Bejeweled, but slightly less quality. The concept is the same, but this game has a plot to drive the gameplay along. The producer, Gameloft, is known for high quality games, and this is just another of their gems.

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