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The Aero series consists of rhythm-based games confined to an instrument. Aero drum, Aero synthesizer and Aero Guitar. The series was published by Yudo. Aero Guitar is a rhythm-based game. It was exclusive to Japan for a while before being released in North America and Europe. The game is said to have been adapted from the game, Guitar Hero also known as Rock Band craze. The music is improved or rather it features newer releases and the features on Aero guitar make it more favorable.

The game is suitable for the professional and amateur musicians alike. The game is appropriate for anyone who is interested. It was created in such a way that both will enjoy the game with the various music it has to offer. It already has a set of songs that are available. A new feature is availability of downloads that are available for both the amateurs and professionals. With such an option one does not tire with repetitions of the music on the phone, you are free to add more.

The games are also available in both the multiplayer and single player versions. The player has an option to play with other individuals, which makes it even the more interesting. The multiplayer mode on the iPhone has made such games the more intriguing.  The music available is interesting and includes new releases by game composers such as Reo Nagumo, which is an added advantage to those who are fans. The music definitely keeps one entertained thus the popularity of the game.

The game is accessible online thus, you can simply download the game to your iPhone. Playing the game is simple. The objective of the game and the game play is similar to any other game play therefore there is no effort put in learning how to play it. Aero Guitar has received good reception, as it is a popular game on iPhones.  For music lovers I will encourage them to download Aero Guitar to your iPhones it is definitely worth a try. After all, the guitar is an interesting instrument and music makes the world go round.

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