Adrenaline Pool lite for iphone


For pool lovers out there you can actually play pool on your iPhone with Adrenaline Pool lite. It is an award winning game that was published by Eurocenter. It was released on March 17, 2009.  Not only is it a classic game, it is so simple game to learn and play just like playing pool from the pool table. What makes it unique is the multiplayer function that is available. Adrenaline Pool Lite is 1.2 is the version that is currently available. It is categorized as a 3D sports game.

It is very rare to have multiplayer for pool on your iPhone. You are not limited to playing against the phone but you get the chance of playing with a human anywhere in the world as long as you are both online. The response is slow due to network with the possibility of playing with someone across the globe but never the less the game is still enjoyable.

Not only can you play with another human from your iPhone you can challenge your opponent in three games! Adrenaline Lite Pool features the games, Straight game, 8-Ball and 9-Ball. Playing the game is simple. All you do is touch the screen when you line up a shot. You push an onscreen button “shoot” when you want to shoot. You can also control the power of your shot if you so wish by a touch of the power gauge. Think of it this way, just a touch to play Adrenaline pool lite.

The features are also great with 3D balls, a chatting system with the player that is online. Playing against the computer is also great, playing offline. Adrenaline Pool lite has made pool become more real on the iPhone, which is one of the reasons why it deserved to be given an award. Both online and offline games prove to be great and worth the play. The game plays quite well either way. There are other features that the game has to offer and the experience is what you need to fully understand and appreciate the pool game. Aside from simple play, the physics are impressive.

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