I Love Katamari

I Love Katamari is an iPhone game that is developed and published by Namco. The game was first released in December 2008 and is a third person puzzle action game. The game uses the accelerometer and the multi touch screen of the iPhone OS.

The Katamari in this game is a ball that you need to control as it moves along. The ball is very sticky and will pick up objects along the way so as to grow is size. The main objective of the game is to create a large Katamari. All you need to do in this game is tilt your iPhone, when you want the Katamari to move in a certain direction. You need to tilt your phone in the direction in which you want the ball to roll. The logistics of the game are simple and straightforward.

The game actually sounds boring and too easy when you read about it, but once you start playing it, you are likely to get addicted. Collect junk that is everywhere and the ball grows bigger. The bigger the ball, the more chances of you moving up to the next level. Picking up every piece of junk as you move along will be the best bet other that leaving some junk behind. The game is in single player mode and was distributed by Apple. It is still an interesting new game as the latest release of this game was on February 4 2009.

Be careful, not every object that you meet is supposed to be picked. There are particular objects that you have to pick to reach your goal. The King of Osmos requests the particular objects. The other catch to this game is that you are given time limit in order to collect all the specific objects.
If you are looking for a game that is going to use as much of the iPhone’s technology then you I Love Katamari is a very good example.

The game has its flaws, such as the control system but it does not erase the fact that it is fun and a must addition on your iPhone games. The good news is you can also get updated versions of this game that has better control systems. It is all about beating time and collecting the right objects if you want to come out on top of the game. The game presentation is also something to look forward to.

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