Flight Control

This is a flying game that is developed by Firemint. This game makes great use of the iPhone’s touch screen and will leave you craving for more after one round. The gameplay is simple to pick up and the general story line is interesting. All you are really doing is controlling air traffic.

The features for this game include, music that you will be able to listen to while you play this game, you can either play your own music or listen to the game’s music. Another feature to look forward to in this game includes a fast forward facility whereby you can speed up to the action rather than wait for it to start.

Flight control has three airfields and nine types of aircraft. There is the classic map, a beachside resort and an aircraft carrier. Aircraft types include, jets, seaplanes and helicopters just to mention a few. Each one has its own twist and plot. However they are all still interesting, it is just a matter of preference. Some of the airfields may appear challenging when you just rush into the system without surveying the situation first. For example, when you are commanding military jets and helicopters on the aircraft carrier, be careful of the twist that is involved or else you will lose.

You can compete with other flight controllers while online and keep track of your score on scoreboards that are available online. This also makes it easier for you to compare your performance against the rest of those that also play. If you are not comfortable with competing, you can aim for a personal best and beat your own score as you play and improve your tactics.

Using the touch screen all you need to do is just touch and pull the planes to their runaway. It is simple but captivating. It is only when you play it that you relies the intensity of this game. The layout is also quite good as you meet the good graphics together with the visuals that are up to standard.  The game drags you away from quick boredom and instead engages you so much into the game.

No need to worry about the control system of the game, As long as your fingers are clean and dry, you will enjoy playing this game.

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  1. I mostly agree with this review. Flight Control is a high quality game that is more than worth the price. It gives you enough variation to keep things interesting without causing the price, or size of the game to increase. And with the new 3.0 features, it gets even better. I’d give flight control a 4.5/5.

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