Cannon Challenge

Cannon Challenge is an artillery game that was produced by Discovery Channel. It is one of the best classic iPhone games. The game is compatible with the iPhone 2.x software update.

The game features a battlefield, and tanks which are the shooters of the game. The tanks are on either side of the battlefield and a player controls a single tank. The players take turns to fire a shot by adjusting their barrel. The first to destroy the other tank becomes the winner. In order to fire a shot the player needs to adjust the velocity and elevation in other words, the barrel angle and force respectively. On opposite sides of the screen there is an indicator with a movable pointer, rolling these up and down will make the necessary adjustments. The fire button is visible on the screen and a tap is all it takes to fire a shot.

The graphics and effects of the game are brilliant with a different look in the different levels, which are more challenging as you go. A successful shot comes with the bang, fire and smoke expected from an exploding item with corresponding sound effects. Mountains, hills and valleys characterize the battlefield itself. Overall, the battlefield is satisfactory.

Speed is required in the game especially when some of the targets are helicopters and some are rather difficult to identify. This makes the game not as simple as it is supposed to be. Targets can come in different shapes and sizes that may blend with the environment. One should not focus on the easily recognizable tanks.

There are 15 levels to the game with a change in the environments and scenery. However, player is limited to 15 shots in one level and once one exceeds before completing the level, its game over. This makes the game even more challenging as one has to budget their shots and not blindly fire away. The game is only offered in the single player mode and it is against targets that are already set not necessarily against the computer. Unfortunately, high scores are not recorded so it is hard for you to check your progress or compare with friends. The number of shots remains the same throughout the game but the number and type of targets increase as you move between levels.

Cannon Challenge is highly recommended and has received good ratings.

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  1. i love playing such kinda games which are compatible with ma i phone.. plus it is produced by discovery channel so will be fun i guess.. any ways thanks for telling i’ll try get it asap in ma i phone :)..

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