Modern Warfare Mobilized for DS Confirmed

I saw this one coming.

I wasn’t shocked at all to learn that Activision would be in the process of making a Modern Warfare 2 for DS. But hold up, what’s this? Modern Warfare: Mobilized?

It’s been told that the storyline will be designed to “compliment” the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. Also included with the game will be a six-player “online battles” mode, and even a survival mode, alot like World at War. Once you have stroked through the campaign mode, you will be able to switch into “Arcade mode” where you will be forced to play against the clock, with a running score.

An online shopping website has apparently posted up the game for £24.99. It’s not known if the price is true, but I would much prefer if Activison just left the DS price alone (although I don’t see myself buying it anyway.)

I found an opinion from a gamer who had played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the Nintendo DS, he states multiple times about how the game was just not good enough:

“I found CoD4 on the DS boring, all you do is move the aiming dot over the head of the enemy and pull the trigger, no real variation. You can’t fight in any other way either because body shots do only slightly more damage than cussing into the microphone so running the gun at full auto is nonsense. There’s no real variation to combat, nothing about moving yourself into good positions or dodging attacks, all guns seem the same plus-minus minor differences (certainly not on the level of Unreal Tournament though that may be expecting too much). I wish it’d at least make a difference whether you’re using an assault rifle or an SMG but with full auto firing being unviable you only go for headshots with SMGs too. Plus CoD4 DS committed the cardinal sin of having the story conveyed via audio on a portable system that you play muted 95% of the time.”

With that being said, do you think that Modern Warfare Mobilized will rise up with vast improvements, or are Activison just milking for some extra cash?

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  1. I find those kind of advanced shooter games not as fun on hand helds as well, just something about the screen and having the whole unit in your hand that just doesn’t appeal to me. I think Modern Warfare 2 has potential as it is a pretty decent game.

  2. I don’t think there has ever been a good shooter on a handheld system. So no, I don’t have high expectations for this one. All of the high end visuals, sound, animation, effects, physics, etc, that make shooters so good on modern consoles can’t be done nearly as well on the less powerful handhelds.

  3. o_O Who on God’s green earth are these people who play the DS muted?

    I think this has some potential, Metroid Prime on the DS was rock solid with amazing graphics and silk-smooth gameplay (really shows the potential of the DS), and since these guys have been doing FPS’s for a while, it can turn out pretty good.

    Still, I’m not a big fan of FPS games on anything other than the PS2 or the PC. Ever played Unreal Tournament on the Dreamcast? The controls were ungodly annoying.

  4. “Still, I’m not a big fan of FPS games on anything other than the PS2 or the PC.”

    Haven’t you ever played an FPS on the Xbox 360?

    And I’m really not sure how this game will turn out on the DS. I would like to see some in game screen shots before I judge it.

  5. Nintendo DS… its made for silly games like brain age and other video game time wasters not for hard core shooter games or anything that usually required intense graphics, rendering and sound.

  6. @Harry: Nah, never really played the 360 much, I could never get the hang of the controller, I was raised on the Genesis and Playstation all my life..

    And Joe, pick up Dementium sometime, it’s a solid FPS game on the DS, though a tad short and pretty hard at times. The graphics are a different story though, they’re excellent.

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