Attention Imaginative Gamers: Scribblenauts is Coming

While a lot of fuss is being made over games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dragon Age: Origins, and Guitar Hero 5, there is another gem amongst all the high profile titles: Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS.  The first-ever portable game in history to receive a “Best of Show” award for E3 has been receiving a fair amount of coverage, but not nearly at the level of other much-awaited titles.


In Scribblenauts, you play as the character Maxwell, and you traverse through 220 colorful levels.  The game is a side-scroller, but it’s not your average side-scrolling platformer.  No, Scribblenauts is a puzzle game, and the developers over at 5th Cell have assured gamers everywhere that this title is sure to have engrossing gameplay.  You use the touch screen to write words (or type them out using a keypad); upon doing so, whatever it is you wrote, whether it’s a ladder, a helicopter, or even a bear, will appear as an in-game item for you to use in order to solve the many puzzles in the game and obtain each level’s Starite.  Technical director for 5th Cell Marius Fahlbusch has stated that Objectnaut, the engine which he created for the game, has a database full of words and categories which provide a data-driven approach to the engine’s functionality.  It is apparent that a lot of time has gone into the development of the game engine as certain filters for finding similar-sounding words as well as leaving out profanity and trademarked items have been implemented into the database.

In addition to the vast number of levels, Scribblenauts features a level editor where you can take any levels you’ve beaten and add changes to the layout.  Items can be moved around and added, and the developers have stated that this level editing system will make for different ways to solve each puzzle as well as completely different puzzles altogether.  Levels can be shared either locally or through Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection service.


We may very well have something special in Scribblenauts.  Critics have praised the game thus far, and it looks to be every bit as innovative as the developers have claimed.  5th Cell has undoubtedly created this game for those who want to be creative and imaginative, and for those who want to play something a little different.  With a large number of stages, a level editor, and enough whimsical charm to win over even though most jaded gamers, Scribblenauts looks to make a big splash when it comes to the DS on September 15.

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  1. In the top 3 on my list “to buy” in the next month. Been reading and hearing a lot of great things about this game.

    Ila in Maine

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