Scribblenauts Commercial: Write Anything, Solve Everything

“Would the game recognise if words were spelt backwards?”

Today Warner Bros. have today released a commercial on televisions in the USA (I’m presuming it’s only the USA), advertising the upcoming game, Scribblenauts


The game, as many people have stated, has obviously taken a long time to make. With the game said to have over 22,000 words, this is sure to be a game that will consume alot of time, while at the same time offering alot of fun.

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  1. This game’s development was without a doubt mind blowing. The time it must of taken the developers to add so many words into a game is just MIND BLOWING!

    It’s defiantly a game my Nintendo DS Lite will be playing.

  2. God help and Angels at their side when they decide to port it to another country and they have to translate EVERYTHING. XD

    Now that I think about it, games that use kanji and such in certain combos for magic (Like Rudora no Hihou and Kartia) would have some nice potential on a DS if it was expanded to a system like this.

    Only a handful of DS games use the touch screen to its fullest potential. Most of them just use it as an easier way to deal with your menus.

  3. This game is definitely going to be a huge hit. In my opinion, it’s the next big creative game to come out since Portal, and that’s saying something. Awesome commercial as well, thanks for the post.

  4. Having played it, I have to say that this is seriously pretty innovative. Its really on the kiddy side, but its still a lot of fun.

    My friend says that “ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US” yields a result. I called him a liar but I’ve yet to try it. XD

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