Poke’mon Nostalgia

Poke’mon Nostalgia

We all know that Nintendo loves to reuse old material; why fix that which isn’t broken? Countless times we’ve been sent to save the princess from the wrong castle, endlessly we’ve trekked Hyrule to find the triforce and restore peace, and now we get to revisit Johto and train to become a Poke’mon master once more.

29232_pokemon_heart_gold_and_soul_silver_version-v2Earlier this year it was announced that Nintendo would be releasing DS versions of one of the Game Boy’s most popular games, Poke’mon Gold/Silver. The original versions of the game sold over twenty three million copies world-wide which is a testament to the game’s sheer brilliance. These latest updates are currently set for an autumn release in Japan which means the game should hit the shelves within the next few months. There will be a customary six month delay before the game is shipped overseas however. Even so, I am surprised to see that there has been very little build up to the release of the game and no-one seems to know much more about the game than the fact that they are remakes and that it will be in Japanese stores soon.

This isn’t the first time a Poke’mon game has been rebuilt for a newer system. The original Poke’mon games were re-released on the Game Boy Advance as Fire Red and Leaf Green back in 2004. These re-released games shared the same storyline as their ancestors but were packed with new features and updated with all the new systems that enhanced the playability of the games. If this model is anything to go by, I dare say that the upcoming Heart Gold and Soul Silver games will incorporate many of the Diamond and Pearl features and in turn will create a much more in depth Johto experience when compared to the original adventure.

I find it hard to comprehend why there is such little anticipation around the release of the latest Poke’mon instalment. I understand that the franchise has been overused at times and there have been questionable releases (*cough* Poke’mon Ranger *cough*) but with such a fantastic history how can we turn our backs on such a glorious childhood memory? Look out Ho-oh, here I come!

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