New Okami DS Details Emerge

Ah, Tokyo Game Show, how much we learn from thee.  The annual gaming expo may have come to a close, but the gaming community has gathered new information on upcoming projects from various developers that we won’t soon forget.  During TGS ‘09, new details emerged regarding certain games, and gamers and critics alike gathered new information about games they knew little about just a few months ago.

One of those games is Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyo for the Nintendo DS.  The game, which is a direct sequel to 2006’s stellar fantasy action-adventure game, Okami, is being developed by Capcom.  During TGS ’09, producer Motohide Eshiro showcased the handheld game and shared several details regarding the gameplay and the game’s story.

The story in Okamiden revolves around Chibiterasu, a wolf pup who has been confirmed to be the child of Amaterasu, the first game’s protagonist.  Just months after Amaterasu rid Japan of the evil demons which plagued the land, evil resurfaces once again.  It is now up Chibiterasu to do what his mother did in the game’s predecessor and save ancient Japan.  Due to the pup’s young age and small size, however, he won’t be able to go it alone.  The main character in the game will now have help.  While the only helper character revealed thus far is Kuninushi (Susano’s son), it has been confirmed that there will be other characters that will aid you on your quest.

The protagonist in Okamiden, Chibiterasu.
The protagonist in Okamiden, Chibiterasu.

Gameplay will borrow elements from the original game as well as introduce new features.  The Celestial Brush will be present.  Pressing either L or R will pause the action and allow you to draw different commands on the touch screen.  The A button will be used for different commands, the B button will be used to jump, and pressing X will make Kuninushi jump off the young wolf’s back; this will prove useful throughout different sections of the game in order to reach different areas and solve puzzles.

Celestial Brush gameplay.
Celestial Brush gameplay.

In terms of appearance, Capcom has tried making the game as beautiful as its predecessor.  While the DS is more restricted in terms of hardware when compared to the PS2 and Wii, Eshiro pointed out that his team has made sure to push the DS to its graphical limits in order to deliver a gorgeous experience.

It seems that Capcom is working hard on this soon-to-be DS release.  The Japanese market will see this title sometime in 2010, but no release date for other regions has been revealed.  If Okamiden is as similar to the first game in terms of gameplay, value, and artistic depth as Capcom made it out to be thus far, then we will definitely have a huge hit on the DS.


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  1. Huge hit is an understatement, Okami is a brilliant game, and I’m certain this will not disappoint. If it does disappoint, I’ll make sure to sic a huge wolf on the developers.

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