Photo Showdown Announced

Today Konami announced Foto Showdown, a new RPG for the DSi. A game that allows players to create monsters by taking pictures with the handheld’s built-in camera.

The game works by using the dominant colours in pictures taken, using them to create a monster on screen. The player can then fight battles with the monster over a hundred levels with level progression features and power ups to pick up along the way.

Players will be able to collect 152 of these creatures, trading and buying them from the online store, as well as competing in battles online.
“With Foto Showdown, Konami continues to bring innovative games to the market that allows consumers the opportunity to play a more active role in how the game progresses and develops,” said David Daniels, Marketing Director for Konami. “The built-in camera of Nintendo DSi lends itself perfectly to the gameplay, encouraging creative photography, where the photos have lasting effects on the total experience limited only by the users imagination.”

Foto Showdown is scheduled for release in Q1 2010 for Nintendo DSi.

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